Porti kt40-printer is designed specially for vehicles. Printer works in 12 volt systems (external adapter available for 24v systems). Adapter cables for different usages are available on request.

New! Porti printer is now available also with Bluetooth-adapter, which makes it easy to use it for printing with for example different PDA-devices in the vehicle.

Pulse dividers

If pulse count received from the vehicle is too high, the incoming pulses can be divided with a special divider. Dividers are general purpose devices (suitable for any measurement system, not just Eltrips) and available at /4, /8 and /16 division factors.

Installation bracket

Installation bracket makes meter installation easier if there is no suitable place for the meter at the vehicle cockpit otherwire. Installation bracket can be installed for example on top of dashboard or between dashboard and air vent, where it offers level surface for device installations.


Many modern devices include electric distance pulse, so external sensor may not be needed for standard measurements. However, if distance pulse is not available or cannot be used (pulse provided by vehicle is often unreliable at slow speeds), external sensor may be installed to provide good quality distance pulse.

Magnetic sensor ET-RD

ET-RD-sensor detects magnet and can be used in almost every small car. Magnets are installed for example at brake disc or drive shaft where they provide pulse every time they pass near the sensor.
ET-RD sensor has size of M10 x 36 mm (+15mm for the cable). Detection distance depends on magnets and generally is approx 5 mm.

Inductive sensor ET-4G

Inductive sensor is often used in heavy work machinery where sensor is installed at drive shaft where it will detect bolt head or other suitable piece of metal whenever it comes near. ET-4G sensor has size of M12 x 32 mm (+15 mm for cable). Detection distance is approx 2-3 mm.

Mechanical sensors

Many vehicles manufactures in 80s or earlier do not have electrical distance pulse, in which case it is often possible to use mechanical sensor that is installed behind the instrument panel or at the gearbox.
The exact sensor type needed depends on vehicle where it will be installed, so if you need mechanical sensor, contact us for details.