Eltrip- friction meters

For wintertime road condition tracking a reliable and repeatable friction measurement is essential. Friction measurement can also be used to determine if and how much road condition has detoriated because of sand, mud or other such causes of slipperiness, which may be cause of an accident.

Eltrip-friction meters are built on 20 years of experience on road friction measurement, and always provide you an reliable and repeatable friction measurement. Unlike many software-based solutions, all Eltrip-meters within the series are identical, and they are guaranteed to perform reliably in your demanding use. Every Eltrip-meter is tested on factory to perform identically.

Meters with permanent installation

Eltrip-65nk is a new generation friction meter that allows you to measure also your accurate speed and distance with 1 metre resolution. Friction measurement is based on reliable technology that has been used in Eltrip-45nk -friction meters, and is now available in modern and easy-to-use package.

Eltrip-65nkl includes same distance, speed and friction measurement features as Eltrip-65nk, and additionally temperature measurement.

Eltrip-65nkc includes same features as Eltrip-65nkl, and additionally the measurement results can be sent to a computer, phone, tablet or other suitable device for further processing.

Installation-free friction meters

Eltrip-7k is calibrated to a one vehicle at a time. Using it is simple - just plug in in the cigarette lighter, and meter is ready for measurement. So easy!

Eltrip-7km can be calibrated to measure friction on six vehicles at any time, allowing it to be moved between these vehicles freely, without new calibration. Perfect for large, multi-vehicle office where friction measurement is not needed daily by everyone.

Eltrip-7kmb includes same multi-calibration capabilities as Eltrip-7k, and additionally integrated bluetooth that allows sending the measurement results directly to a computer.