Precision trip meters

Our precision trip meters are for you who need extremely accurate distance measurement to your vehicle. All our devices can be calibrated based on the vehicle, so a kilometre driven is a kilometre measured.

Need something special? Many of our meters have been customized to many different kinds of special needs, so why not yours too? Contact us, and let's figure out a solution to your unique problem together.

New! Next generation Eltrip-65n -meters are now available! New meters have been designed with respect to our 30-year tradition of quality, usability and reliability.

Eltrip-65nce sets a new standard for features, accuracy and usability. Next generation technology in an easy-to-use package makes highly accurate measurements even easier.
  • Display resolution 0,1 metres (10cm) with any sensor
  • Ability to use extra-precise encoder sensor/li>
  • Computer connectivity for PC/tablet/phone measurement control system
Eltrip-65n is general use meter for precision distance measurement. It has 6 independent, freely usable counters that allow different distances to be measured at same time.
  • Display resolution 1 metre
  • 6 independent counters
  • Accurate speed
  • Backwards counting when reversing
Eltrip-65nc offers same basic features as Eltrip-65n. Additionally meter includes computer connectivity that allows you to transfer measurement results to a computer, tablet, phone or other PDA-type device for further processing.
  • RS-232 computer connectivity (expandable with for example BlueTooth)
  • Diplay resolution 1 metre
  • 6 independent distance counters
  • Accurate speed
  • Backwards counting when reversing