Eltrip-65nce - high precision meter

Eltrip-65nce is a next generaton trip meter that allows distance measurement with extremely high precision. Eltrip-65nce can be connected to either vehicles internal impulse/reverse, or an external encoder-type sensor. Encoder-type sensor can be attached to either vehicle's own wheels or an external measurement wheel, and with it the measurement resolution is better than 0,1 metres (10cm!).

The meter has been designed to be very easy to use - all common operations can be done with single key press. Built-in Eltrip-45nc -compatible communication protocol allows meter to be fully controlled by the computer, allowing measurement results to be transferred directly to your custom measurement log application.

Distance pre-set allows also measurement starting from a specific reading and counting down. You can set the start count to the meter from the keyboard and program the meter to count up or down from this reading.

By using two-pole switch, you can easily toggle whether vehicle's internal distance/reverse signal is used to count distance or an encoder. This allows you to always be ready for measurements; when the very high precision is required, simply attach the encoder to your vehicle and switch the meter to use it.