Privacy statement

Trippi oy gathers information about only rekistered users. The gathered information is related to services provided, used exlusively for that purpose and includes following information:

Trippi oy does not analyze or otherwise use the information for any other purposes than to provide services for the customers. Information is not given to any third parties for any purpose or form, other than abovementioned customer-requested third parties. Data is stored on Trippi oy servers in Finland, and is not transferred outside EU unless customer requests it himself.
Devices manufactured by Trippi oy may transfer data to Trippi oy without user being registered to service. This information is stored for one month, in anticipation of pending user registration, and then deleted.

Information officer is:
Toni Räsänen
Pilvitie 6
90620 Oulu
p. 044 5130 576